Nicole Gooding

Nicole Gooding

PA and Office Administrator

Nicole joined OC in 2013 and has quickly become an integral part of the team. From managing the myriad of calls received each day, to booking appointments and doing research, she will give anything a go both at work and play. Her energy and enthusiasm keeps the office running with a smile.

Born...February 1991

Formative years South London, climbing trees and having wrestling moves practised on her by her two older brothers.

Mind honed at...Riddlesdown Sixth Form (A Levels in English, History and Law) and Kent University (English Literature).

First job...helping her brothers with their morning paper-round (by 'helping', she actually means doing it for them).

Since that she has...spent her spare time volunteering for charities (including Crisis at Christmas and Red Kite Learning) and worked in public relations.

She's also...a lover of martial arts. After two years of kickboxing, Nicole has recently started Kyokushinkai, a Japanese karate and trains twice a week.

What else... Nicole loves wildlife and has a particular fascination with David Attenborough. She can also be found eating copious amounts of chocolate (Minstrels, to be precise) and trying to pick up tips from old episodes of 'Bear Grylls: Born Survivor'.